Let’s go to Collage #2

This week I’m featuring some art paper collages that I’ve done. I get a lot of compliments on these, even though it’s not a form I’ve used often. I generally stick to pencil, pen or crayon/colored pencil, colored marker when I do hard-copy art on paper.
The chance to play with forms and colors completely divorced from pencilling lines on paper is exhilarating.

Daily Sketchbook #20

This one’s from a while back. I’ve always liked it and I’m sharing it with you.
Some folks may be noticing that certain themes, shapes and images tend to show up frequently in my stuff.
You may take this opportunity to amateur psychoanalyse my work if you like (even professionally¬†psychoanalyse it if that’s your discipline, I suppose).

I don’t mind.Sketchbook-A-10:2:14

Daily Sketchbook #19

Does anyone remember being a kid and using crayons to fill the paper with colors, then coloring the whole paper with black crayon covering your design, and finally scraping off areas of black to reveal the colors beneath?
That’s what I was thinking of when I did this one.
Thing is: the Crayolas of today won’t lay down a thick enough color to effectively do that.
I think I need to find somebody with an old lunchbox of 50 year old crayons in their attic they’d give to me.


Daily Sketchbook #16

Here’s a piece I’m very happy with.
It was inspired by seeing the Ralph Steadman documentary For No Good Reason¬†because of the improvisational nature of his work. He’ll start with a shape or a splat! of ink and the artwork grows intuitively (often in layers) from that point.
Here I’ve started from some more of the hypotrochoid shapes that I’ve been experimenting with lately. So far this is my favorite picture¬† that started that way.