Chock Full of Fail – NEW!

The first new video of 2017 from Mister Nervous kicks off a whole new year of Nervous Stuff!
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Chock Full of Fail from Mister Nervous on Vimeo.

I might be done with making albums…

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The Recorded and Released Oeuvre To Date: Seven albums of my music and only DRAMA is still available. It seems now that it may be my final record album ever.

It seems that making albums has become a quaint, antiquated and pointless activity by today’s music consumption standards… unless you’ve already made a serious name for yourself few (if any) will have the interest or patience to sit through a collection of original music that could last 30 to 90 minutes.
I have really loved the process of making a record album. I’ve finished and released (in one way or another) seven of them so far in wildly varying levels of production.This is hardly the bulk of what I’ve composed over the years but at least some of my work has been preserved and was (for a while anyway) available.
Taking material and sequencing it into a program, producing a collection of songs recorded in a specific period of time or pertaining to a certain subject or style is exhilarating and satisfying. And sometimes I find that there is a theme running through recent work I might not have fully realized was there.
Listening to anyone’s record all the way through can be entertaining, enlightening and gratifying in a way that absorbing 3 minute bits by multiple artists seldom is.
As recently as last September I was saying on this page that a new record was on the way. Titled A PLACE FOR ME and intended as a completion of the CURMUDGEON/DRAMA/??? “trilogy” I had in mind since 2009 it was nearly half completed at the end of last year. And then it stalled.
After thinking about this for 6 months I am no closer to finishing the project and I’ve been toying with scrapping the entire album idea. Sales of DRAMA have been slow and the re-release of an enhanced and remastered CURMUDGEON as a new album version with additional material and artwork (to be called “FREE”) has been planned, announced and stopped several times already. Who wants it?
I’ll be releasing another song as a music video soon (DON’T YOU WORRY is in editing and expected soon).
I am unsure if I’ll make another album. As music consumers it appears that we’ve gone back to the days of vinyl 78s and 45s in one way at least: the single” rules again.
In fact I will likely release new material only as a single song at a time from here on out (and probably with an accompanying video) because at this time it seems it may be the best way to actually reach an overloaded and overwhelmed audience.

Any thoughts?

DRAMA is still available.