Wes’ Mister Nervous Birthday Bash

Thirsty Crow May 1 2016
We’re getting excited for Sunday’s show at the THIRSTY CROW… We’ll play some new stuff, give some stuff away and party for Wes’ Birthday.

BLUE DAY – Video Release

Blue Day from Mister Nervous on Vimeo.
Here it is at last: The new Mister Nervous video. The second song on the DRAMA cd – and one I’ll be playing at my Birthday Bash on May 1st at the Thirsty Crow.

Daily Sketchbook #63

It’s cool how the hypotrochoid kit I got in London has turned out to be the inspiration for so many recent drawings. The spirials spin out a creative spark, apparently.
Daily Sketchbook 63

Daily Sketchbook #59

This one seems inspired a bit by our recent trip to the Broad Modern Art Museum in Los Angeles. My wife is always arranging cool daytrips for us and we are both museum nerds. It’s also fitting that I made it with the sweet little hypotrochoid art set we bought at the Tate Modern Museum in London while on our honeymoon.
Daily Sketchbook 59